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Maplewood, NJ


Storybook was designed by lifetime Grammy recipient George Augspurger, an audio and acoustical engineer who has been active in studio design for many years, receiving a Technical Grammy Award in 2019 for his amazing work. One of his favorite rooms he has designed is the Studio 1 control room at Sunset Sound.

For information about our booking and process, please visit the rates and booking page. Further down this page you can read about our services: mastering, Dolby Atmos (spatial/immersive/3D audio), recording, mixing and producing.

The mastering equipment is listed below that, compartmentalized into monitoring, processing, formats and software.

Recording gear listing gets it’s own page.


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The following captioned walkthrough tells a little more of the story. We know that cool arched doorway is inviting, but please join us in coming and going via the back door, by the lovely porch and trellis.



Audio mastering is the first step of manufacturing, and the final creative step of recording. You can master one song, or a whole album. Mastering might adjust the relative loudness of a group of songs, or equalize a song that might be more “boom-y” or more compressed than the others. The timing between tracks and fade-outs, as well as the names of the songs as they’ll appear on the radio or a streaming service, are finalized. We’ll then decide on the overall volume of the album for vinyl, CD, or streaming .

Mastering also might require preserving or restoring audio or helping an artist find something different or new to hear. A common consideration in mastering is how the audio might sound when heard in different environments (car speakers, in a theater, turntable, earbuds, etc.). In any given project, the music itself will dictate the necessary steps to a complete master, which will be expanded on and refined by our discussions. Before 2020, we encouraged clients to be present for the session. But attendance was never a requirement! We’ve always done the lion’s share of our projects corresponding online.

While mastering is our main service and Scott’s major area of expertise, we offer a full range of audio services.

Dolby Atmos

What's this spatial audio you've been hearing more and more about lately? Apple Spatial and Dolby Atmos take what we know of as surround sound, and expand it to a spherical dimension. They place the listener in the middle of the sound.

It doesn't require large, fancy listening environments and can be achieved through ear pods and headphones. It's brilliant, and an effective way to get your music into some new, popular playlists. We can help you do it!

Producing, Recording & Mixing

For inspiring people and projects, we offer a Pro Tools foundation, hybridizing a robust collection of analog and digital tools in a cozy, classy environment.

Mastering Equipment

Main Console Detail

Any studio is the sum of its parts, including great rooms and an experienced engineer.






Occasionally there are projects which for one reason or another make sense to record here. The gear we have on hand for that is listed on the recording page.