Audio Mastering Studio

Maplewood, NJ

Where story, sound, and space converge.

Welcome to Storybook!

We love sound in all its forms… music, voice, theater, books, podcasts… and whatever the future of recorded audio holds in store.

It is an honor and pleasure to apply our expertise toward the realization of creative and communicative endeavors.


Spatial Audio

What's this spatial audio you've been hearing more and more about lately? Apple Spatial and Dolby Atmos take what we know of as surround sound, and expand it to a spherical dimension. They place the listener in the middle of the sound.

It doesn't require large, fancy listening environments and can be achieved through ear pods and headphones. It's brilliant, and an effective way to get your music into some new, popular playlists. We can help you do it!

(They Wanna) Testify

"Scott Anthony has a great sounding studio and a fantastic set of ears to go with it." Patrick Martin

"For brand new projects or restoring and remastering vintage tapes the knowledge, art and sensitivity to detail Scott brings to his work is awe-inspiring and reassuring." Deena Shoshkes

"Scott is generous with his extensive knowledge and approaches each project I bring to Storybook with care and enthusiasm. Storybook Sound is more than a place to master your music, it's a relationship." Bob Perry
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