Audio Mastering Studio

Maplewood, NJ


"Everybody's music should be fortunate enough to be in the extremely capable hands of Scott Anthony and Storybook Sound. I am not a technical person, but when I get my mastered songs back from Scott and he's worked his magic, my songs sound exactly as I had hoped they would. Scott is so kind and easy to work with. He'll help you realize the full potential of your songs. Do yourself a big favor and make Storybook Sound your go-to studio for mastering!" Stephanie Seymour
"Scott knows how to make a recording sound like a room that you walk into every time you play the song. He also happens to be a super cool cat. Somebody that skilled and that easy to work with is a rare commodity." Jim Allen
"God blesses me with songs. I'll return the favor by sending them to Scott for mastering." Mike iLL
"Storybook is so aptly named. The space is unlike any you'll see, out of a musician's fairy tale. Scott casts a spell over everything that passes through his soundboard, giving it sparkle and magic. Even if you send him your files and never get a chance to see the place. I once sent him a pile of cassettes, mp3s and DAT tapes from a band I produced long ago in the hopes he could make it into the album we wanted. He did. It was a miracle. I've recorded there, mixed there, mastered there. Great experience, great results." Jon Fried
"Scott Anthony has ears and he's not afraid to use them. Every time I've worked with him the results are exactly what I hoped for. Scott is generous with his extensive knowledge and approaches each project I bring to Storybook with care and enthusiasm. Storybook Sound is more than a place to master your music, it's a relationship." Bob Perry
"Storybook Sound is my number one go to studio! I've worked there more times than I can count for both mastering and recording. For brand new projects or restoring and remastering vintage tapes the knowledge, art and sensitivity to detail Scott brings to his work is awe inspiring and reassuring. I know the job will be done right and come out better than I could have imagined!" Deena Shoshkes
"Scott Anthony has a great sounding studio and a fantastic set of ears to go with it. Scott mixed and mastered 20 tracks that had been recorded on 1" 8 track tape, in and around 1974/75, by David Gilmour in his home studio. I was producing in Shalford, Surrey, UK and Scott mixed and mastered at his Storybook Sound Studios in New Jersey. USA. Scott became like a member of the band and worked wonders on those tracks which became the Omnivore Recordings album release 'Laughing Up Your Sleeve' by Unicorn." Patrick Martin